Northern Harmony USA Tour (1999)

by Northern Harmony

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These recordings were made at the end of our two-month trans-America tour in March-April-May, 1999. With twenty-one of us traveling in a half-sized brightly painted schoolbus and two minivans we covered over 10,000 miles and passed through 30 states. most of the group had participated in a similar two-month tour through England, Holland and Germany the previous autumn (see our 'Northern Harmony Live 1998' album of recordings made during that tour).

Northern Harmony is a shifting collaboration of singers drawn together periodically by Larry Gordon for extended performing tours. Most of the younger singers are veterans of teh remarkable teenage ensemble Village Harmony, many of whom have sung in various combinations with each other and with Larry since there were eleven or twelve. This particular tour included a large contingent of students just graduated from high school and taking a year out from schooling.


released November 10, 2014

Larry Gordon, director
Patty Cuyler (accordion), co-director

Sam Amidon (fiddle), Evie Aries, Suzannah Armstrong Park, Georgia Rose Armstrong Park, Pete Dunipace (bass clarinet), Kate Howard, Nathan Morrison (trombone), Cora Nielsen (recorder), Rosie Setford (recorder), Anna Patton (clarinet), Katie Shimizu (soprano saxophone), Ken Shimizu (tambura), Charlotte (Charlie) Stock (violin), Heather Wieler, Matt Wojcik (tupan)



all rights reserved


Northern Harmony Vermont

First formed in 1993, Northern Harmony has since gained a wide reputation thru concert tours across the US, the UK and western Europe. The ensemble is part of Village Harmony, a Vermont-based world music organization that sponsors domestic & international performance singing camps, workshops and tours. ... more

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Track Name: Jvarsa shensa
Jvarsa shensa
vstsemt meupeo,
da ts'mindaosa aghdgomasa
shensa ugalobt
da vadidebt

We worship the cross of yours, lord, and honor and sing praises of your sacred resurrection.
Track Name: Shen khar venakhi
Shen khar venakhi, akhlad aqvavebuli
norchi k'etili, edems shina nerguli
alva suneli, samotkhes amosuli
ghmertman shegamk'o vervina gjobs kebuli
da tavit tvisit mze khar da gabrts'qinvebuli

ou are a vineyard newly blossomed.
Young, beautiful, growing in Eden,
A fragrant poplar sapling in Paradise.
May God adorn you. No one is more worthy of praise.
You yourself are the sun, shining brilliantly.
Track Name: Tamar dedpal
Queen Tamar is fighting Tatars at the Latpar pass to lower Svaneti
Your army is coming with weapons, the Turkish army is coming
O, Queen, seated as on a throne, born a queen — on your head was something priceless.
Track Name: Zasvirili sa, Dojne
Zasvirili sa Doijne dor tri gajdi
dor tri gajdi, dor tri gŭdulki
dor tri gŭdulki, dor tri kavali
Oj Dojne mŭri Dojne bjala Dojne (2x)

Zaigrali sa Dojne dor tri hora
chie horo, Dojne, naj hubavo
nai hubavo, Dojne, naj podredeno

Pŭrvo horo Dojne ot mladi momtsi
vtoro horo Dojne ot mladi momi
treto khoro mladi nevesti (2x)
Momkovo horo Dojne naj hubavo
Naj hubavo, Dojne, naj podredeno
naj podredeno, Dojne, naj na tŭkmeno

Kalpatsi im Dojne sa mŭrlii
tsŭrvuli im piskjulii (2x)

They began playing, Dojna, the three bagpipes
three bagpipes, three viols, three flutes
Hey, Dojna, fair Dojna

Which of the dances, Dojna, is the best, is the most proper?

The first dance, Dojna, is of the young men
The second dance, Dojna, is of the young girls
The third dance, Dojna, is of the young brides

The men's dance, Dojna, is the best
The most tidy, the most correct
With their caps so rakish
And their shoes with tassals
Track Name: Prez gura vŭrvjaha
The feathers on the fur caps of two shepherds quiver,
and sway the entire forest, as they tell of the
happiness of lads who are going to the mountains
to become hajduks (revolutionaries)